Milbury & Hodge are real people who love ginger preserves. Janet (Milbury), a New Englander, thought blueberry jam was the nectar of the gods. But when she discovered a small jar of ginger preserves sitting humbly on a grocery store shelf in England, she immediately threw the blueberries over for ginger's enticing allure.

Back in the States, she couldn't buy this magical spicy sweet stuff for her morning oatmeal, so began making it by the gallon. Friends tried it, became instantly addicted, and hounded her with pitiful pleas and demands for more.

A few years back, she met Bob, who was born in Luton, England, but is now hiding out near Torrey, Utah. His mum and aunt are Hodges; granddaughters of the famed A. J. "Pops" Hodge. A. J. was a bicycle builder in Luton from 1905 through the late 50's. Bob's mum rode a Hodge, of course, and tells stories of a special tandem bicycle he built just for her sister and nephew to ride. This has nothing to do with ginger, but since Janet loves bicycles, you just have to put up with it.

Bob's mum would occasionally allow him a morsel of ginger preserve. He prefers Marmite on his bread, of course, but that's another story entirely.

Milbury & Hodge is not currently in production.